Interview with Andy Bass, Author, Start with What Works

We explore how Andy's early experience playing in a rock band led to his success today, how organizations can achieve outstanding results starting just with what they already have, and how mental agility will be crucial for dealing with the accelerating pace of change.
Andy Bass, PhD, author of Start with What Works, shares how his early experiences playing in a rock band, skateboarding and teaching  resistant psychology students about artificial intelligence taught him how to learn, and how to teach, and how to engage an audience.  

Andy sees an accelerating pace of change in the world. He says that mental agility—the ability to think on your feet and improvise, will be increasingly valuable.  A key skill is understanding what your customers are trying to achieve, and spotting ways to create value for your customers that they may not themselves see. 

He shares simple, proven techniques for finding out what’s going right in your business—identifying those core skills and hidden capabilities that can be built upon to create something entirely new. The most powerful tool for consultants is asking the right questions. A good question can open whole new worlds to a client, that may have been hidden in plain sight. 
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